Brillion, Wis. — In celebration of its 100 year anniversary, Gravely launched a new anniversary website, highlighting its century of product development innovation. 2016 marks the 100th year since Benjamin Franklin Gravely patented his first motor plow, which started the company. The 100 year website features a company timeline, historical photo galleries and stories about landscape contractors, Gravely dealers and the company’s employees. Fans should check the site weekly for new content. 

Readers also have the opportunity to submit their own Gravely stories for possible publication by clicking the “submit your story” link at the bottom of the page and entering their information.

“This website signifies a century of hard work and innovation coming to fruition,” said Ariens Company Vice President of Marketing Matt Medden. “Gravely joins only a handful of American brands who can claim to be in existence for 100 years. Our brand has evolved since its inception, and we are excited this year to have launched the next generation of Gravely products — with newly improved comfort and performance — a true testament to the brand’s bright future.” 

Gravely unveiled its new products and kicked off the brand’s anniversary celebration at the 2016 GIE + Expo show in Louisville, Ky., in October 2015. To see the new site, visit