Learn how to manage wholegoods and turnover used equipment effectively and profitably in upcoming Iron Management courses through the Dealer Institute, a program of the Western Equipment Dealers Assn.

Dealerships of all brands and sizes from across North America are invited to register. Upcoming dates include:

  • Kansas City, Mo.: June 8-9
  • Boise, Idaho: August (dates to be determined)
  • Regina, Saskatchewan: Late summer (dates to be determined)

Class size is limited to 25. Go here to view course information: https://westerneda.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/USCANADA-Iron-Management-11.5.15.pdf. Go here to register: https://westerneda.com/events/iron_management_kc_4/

About the Dealer Institute

The Dealer Institute is a full-service training and consulting firm launched by the Western Equipment Dealers Assn. in January of 2015. It offers a host of resources, tools and solutions designed to increase profitability and efficiencies for dealers throughout North America.

Dealer Institute’s mission is to provide dealer-centric resources and solutions to the challenging issues dealerships are facing today. Training, education and consulting services are led by leaders who often are or have been dealership principals or departmental leaders themselves. Providing access to these industry professionals at affordable values from a trusted resource is a great value to the industry.

All proceeds earned through the Dealer Institute initiative are reinvested back into additional programs, services and scholarships benefiting the equipment dealer industry. For more information, contact Cory Hayes, Vice President, Training & Education at 800-762-5616 or chayes@westerneda.com.