PONCHATOULA, La. — Ragan & Massey has developed a new website to create a multipurpose resource on property upkeep and management topics: raganandmassey.com. The comany was established in 1991 and is a leader in the forage seed, wildlife food plots and farm chemical industry with products available in over 3,500 retail stores nationwide.

Ragan & Massey launched a research program via its Facebook community of more than 71,000 followers to help develop the website.

"The research showed us that 80% of the respondents have off-farm jobs and 85% own livestock, including cattle, horses and chickens,” reported Mike Massey with Ragan & Massey. “Our respondents told us the love of the land they own and their animals are two things that make balancing an off-farm job and on-farm work worthwhile. We used this information to build a community where they can find answers to questions and gather ideas about improving and working their land.”

The Ragan & Massey research found that approximately 72% of the community live in the country and own land, and 50% have an income of $50,000 or more. They want information on how to best keep up with the demands of managing the land and animals, but have a limited amount of time available to do so. More than 90% of the audience relies on a tractor, utility vehicle and a riding lawn mower to accomplish work around their property. Favorite hobbies of this group include hunting and fishing, with many planting deer or other wildlife food plots on their property.

“The research helped confirm our beliefs that those who own small acreages are interested in finding ways to make the most of the limited time on their properties to get the job done right,” said Massey.

The new raganandmassey.com provides management tips and products that can be used to most efficiently maintain the upkeep of acreage and buildings — the information that survey respondents deemed most important. The site provides information and articles on topics such as pasture management, weed control, equipment and property maintenance tips. 

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