You work — very hard — and deserve to be rewarded. Making more money is a good reward, don’t you think? Sometimes, increasing revenue can come from making small changes, says Kimanzi Constable, an author, international speaker and business coach in an article. He offers four ways to make more today.

“These are simple but overlooked strategies that have withstood the test of time and technology. Your business can experience explosive growth with the right focus,” he says.

1. Sell more than makes you comfortable

“Someone on your email list or involved in your ecosystem may need to see something as many as 37 times before it clicks in their brain,” he says. Make sure you provide value, whether it’s through selling or communicating new products, and push yourself to sell more.

2. Spend each day on income producing strategies

Constable advises starting your day with opportunities that require little effort to close sales instead of activities that feel urgent, but can wait, such as checking email. “It could be crafting a well-written sales email to you email list, calling an old client and renewing their contract, or spending time selling to a lead who you know is ready to buy,” he says.

3. Offer value that leads to building your email list

“Spend more time on what you put out publicly. Your products, services, and information should separate you from your competition. They should have undeniable value because you’ve taken the proper time to make sure they do,” Constable says. This value will help you build up your contacts and email list, which, in turn, can help lead to more sales.

4. Leverage massive exposure

Social media, YouTube and other online outlets give you a 24/7 opportunity to reach customers. Start or expand your online messaging to uncover new customers or connect with existing ones. “Get your name and content in front of the larger audience and convert some of them into customers. Massive exposure will increase your bottom line dramatically and quickly,” he says.

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