The Land Pride GBE25 and GB25 Series Grapple Buckets have uses and applications in farming, ranching, horse ranches, dairies, feedlots, construction sites, and nurseries.

They have the capability of quickly and conveniently turning your tractor front loader equipped with a front loader mounting plate (GB25 Series) or Euro mounting plate (GBE25 Series) into a Grapple bucket for handling large bales or loose and shredded materials such as straw, hay, silage, manure, branches, sticks, wood and trash. The grapple fork on top helps hold the loose and/or shredded materials onto the bucket below when picking up a load and when transporting with a load.

The Grapple Buckets are available in three popular widths: 90, 96, and 108 inches. Each unit comes standard with the grapple claw and high-strength cast tines. The jaw opening is 84 inches and is controlled by dual 3 inch cylinders. The bucket shell is manufactured from 3/16 inch Grade 50 Steel and features a struck capacity of 1.0 - 1.18 cubic yards depending on model.

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