HOUSTON — Mahindra North America has strengthened its warranty program on sub-compact, compact and compact/utility models with the industry’s best 7-year limited powertrain warranty offering. This new warranty program is offered on several tractor series including:  eMax, Max, 1500, 2500, 3500, and 4500.

“We are pleased to offer Mahindra customers a 7-year limited powertrain warranty showing we firmly stand behind these toughest tractors on earth. We are 100% committed to delivering products that take on the hard work our customers face every day and maintaining the 97% customer satisfaction and 98% customer loyalty ratings,” says Cleo Franklin, vice president of marketing and strategic planning, Mahindra North America. “Mahindra is continuing to set new standards for performance, dependability and our customer’s peace of mind when they make the smart choice to purchase a Mahindra tractor.”

For complete coverage information and details about the world’s number one selling tractor brand and its 7-year limited powertrain warranty, go to mahindrausa.com.

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