Branson Tractors recently issued a new extended warranty plan for several of its models, effective Jan 1. Its 7-year limited powertrain warranty is applied to the 00, 15, 20 and all-new 25 series line of tractors. The standard warranty is 4 years, but customers have the option to extend the warranty for a nominal sum, which will vary by tractor model, but will likely be less than $1,000, according to a dealer source.

The warranty will only be available at the time of retail sale and the 5-7 years of the powertrain coverage will be non-transferrable. Warranty service can only be performed at an authorized Branson dealer.

One dealer notes, “Branson dealers will likely go ahead and build it into the price on all of their machines as it is really a bargain, but offer customers the ability to negotiate it out of the deal.” The warranty is part of Branson's initiatives to compete with Mahindra’s new longer warranty plan, according to a dealer source.

The warranty will only cover new equipment. Powertrain warranty coverage essentially covers the engine, transmission, axles, final drives and select other internally lubricated components.