SELMA, Ala. — The model 4815 15-foot Flex-Wing rotary cutter is one of Bush Hog’s latest introductions into the company’s rotary cutter line. The new model is designed to cut weeds, grasses and brush up to 4 1/2 inches in diameter. The 4815 Flex-Wing mower works for farmers and contract mowers who utilize tractors in the 70 and up PTO horsepower class.

While the 4815 and the 3815 may be similar, the 4815 Flex-Wing offers a variety of features that gives it the name “The Extreme Heavy Duty 4815.”  Smooth top decks allow for quick and easy cleaning of the unit while the 4815’s optimized blade tip speed ensures a clean cut. For use in the application of daily ground contact by the center section and blade carrier, all center section bracing, strongbacks and cross bracing, as used on the 3815 have been strengthened. Four additional braces were also added to the center section. All gearbox stands, center and wings, were strengthened. The round reinforced blade pans now have hex blade bolts that fit into hardened blade bar bushings. In addition, a second pair of front skids was added at the tongue location to assist in reducing ground contact by the center section blade carrier. 

“Certain features designed to simplify service of the unit include a patented oil sight gauge that makes checking the oil level easier than ever before, along with our ‘EZ’ lube driveline feature where all grease zerks on each driveline are in alignment. Combining these features, you have two ways to ensure a minimum amount of time spent on maintenance each time you head to the field,” says Jack Harrington, Bush Hog product manager. The 4815’s center section blades align closely with outside center tires to closely cut out the bottom of ditches. The 4815 model cutter offers wing free float from 22 degrees down to 45 degrees up without moving the hydraulic cylinder rod to help preserve cylinder life.