SELMA, Ala. — One of Bush Hog’s latest introductions is the model 2215 15-foot Flex-Wing rotary cutter. The model 2215 is designed to cut weeds, grasses and brush up to 3 1/2 inches in diameter. The 2215 is recommended for use in pasture maintenance, crop shredding and roadside maintenance.

The cutter offers EZ clean decks and EZ lube drivelines. The 2215 is recommended for tractors in the 60 and up horsepower range. Bush Hog’s EZ lube drivelines are quick and easy to service. All grease fittings on the PTO CV drivelines and wing drivelines align for quick location of grease points.

“A patented oil sight gauge is included in each cutting gearbox that makes checking the oil level easier than ever before… ease-of-maintenance is highly valued by our customer base and Bush Hog is always striving to exceed the user’s expectations,” says Jack Harrington, Bush Hog product manager. Each axle arm on the center and wings has a spring cushion to absorb the shock loads near the wheels.

The 2215 model cutter offers wing free float from 22 degrees down to 25 degrees up without moving the hydraulic cylinder rod to help preserve cylinder life. Optional distribution baffles spread grass and cornstalks to eliminate windrows.  

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