ABOVE: Jordan Sales & Service of Post Falls, Idaho, is celebrating its 10th year in business. The dealership was Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s Dealership of the Year in 2009. The dealership’s team includes (front row, from left) Cindy Jordan and Brenda E. and (back row, from left) Mike Burris, Ed Hartel, Nick Jordan, Brian Jordan, Spencer Kuhn, Terry Jordan and Steve Lamoreaux.

Jordan Sales & Service of Post Falls, Idaho, was just 3 years old when it was named Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s Dealership of the Year in 2009. Today, the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary — the same milestone as Rural Lifestyle Dealer — and the fourth generation is now working in the dealership.

“We brag about being a Dealership of the Year all the time. It was a big thing for us when we received the recognition,” says Terry Jordan, the dealership’s owner.

The dealership has undergone significant changes over the last decade, including adding a second tractor line, introducing a mower and trailer line and expanding its parts department. “We feel it’s smart to grow our way into expansion and not just spend a bunch of money. Our growth comes from our profit,” he says.

TYM was its first entry into the ag market, and they added Kioti in 2010. Brian Jordan, Terry’s son, who is the general manager, explains the expansion. “We’re creeping up into a bigger market. We were in the car business for 30 years when tractors fell into our lap. We weren’t looking for somebody; somebody came to us,” Brian says.

When the local Kioti dealer closed its store, they researched the line. “Kioti is a quality product and when we had the opportunity to take on the line, we took it. Kioti has been perfect for us, not only with their product — its ‘fit and finish’ — but the service and parts support have been great for our market. When we take on a line, we are committed to stocking the product. We’ve been increasing our stocking level and increasing our sales level,” Terry says.

They let customers drive the decision whether to purchase TYM or Kioti. “It took us a while to figure out how to sell the two against each other and demonstrate them properly so the customer could make the choice. The warranty and maintenance on both lines are comparable, so we know they are both quality products, and we let their personal preferences help them choose,” Terry says.

The Jordans did similar research when they took on the Bad Boy mower line this year. They chose the line based on its quality and price point. “We spent 3 years looking at mower lines and deciding whether we wanted to carry a mower line or not. We started tracking the number of customers calling to see if we carried a mower line, and I felt like we needed to add that product to retain those customers,” Brian says.

They again committed to a full inventory and hired a technician to support the line. “We went after it aggressively, and it took off for us right away. When you stock enough product, people see you as a dealer of the line, rather than just someone trying it out,” Brian says.

About a year ago, they added trailers to the lineup, buying from a manufacturer just 3 miles away. This has helped boost sales of equipment packages.

The dealership has also been updated, specifically in the parts department. The original parts storage area was 240 square feet. They added 400 square feet a few years ago and recently added another 400. Because of their extensive inventory, they ship parts to dealers as well as customers.

Brian says one of the biggest challenges they face now is keeping up with the workload with their staff of 9. “I feel like we have a truckload of tractors delivered every week and getting them ready to go fast enough is a challenge. That’s where you have to look at adding people and managing their time properly,” he says.

Terry says, “It makes you proud after 10 years to see the confidence that customers place in us. Before, nobody knew about the product lines we were carrying, and now they come in asking about them. We market ourselves as a dealership that takes care of its customers. Our success is made possible by our staff and team. Everyone works toward a goal.”


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