Smartphones can easily become a major distraction. With games, social media, and text messages just a touch away, it's easy to fall into a procrastination trap. Fortunately, there are a number of helpful smartphone apps designed to up your efficiency on a daily basis. Here’s a countdown from a article:

6. Slack

Messaging programs are often lacking when it comes to collaborating on projects, plus they pose the risk of distracting you with messages from friends and family. Slack, on the other hand, makes it easy to have group chats with co-workers and collaborators.

Plus, the notifications are non-intrusive so you can stay on task when you're in the zone.

The app is free and available on Apple and Android.

5. Due

The Due app allows you to set reminders so that you'll have enough time to complete assignments and projects by the deadline. Rather than fiddling with your phone's alarm, which can be tedious, Due streamlines the reminder process and gives you the perfect nudge to get your work done.

The cost is $4.99 and it’s available on Apple.

4. Team Viz

This app lets you organize your various to-do lists and prioritize certain tasks. The app's unique tracking tool allows you to time yourself as you complete each task. It also includes breaks so you get a little rest in between productive bursts.

The app is free and available on Apple and Android.

3. (formerly Lift App)

While most productivity apps are geared toward work or school, can be utilized for anything from exercise programs and diets to other lifestyle goals. Seeing your progress through data reports keeps you motivated, plus coaching and community guidance helps to eliminate procrastination.

The app is free and available on Apple and Android.

2. Timeful

This unique app allows you to combine work, personal and lifestyle to-dos and events into one place. It uses sophisticated algorithms to learn your schedule and make the most of every minute of your day. The more you use it, the better your personalized recommendations will be.

Additionally, Timeful lets you share calendars and sync with calendars on other platforms, like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

The app is free and available on Apple and Android.

1. Stay Focused

This handy tool allows you to create custom, distraction-free periods by blocking any of the apps on your phone. That means more time working and less time checking out the latest Instagram posts. Plus, you can block calls and texts while still allowing exceptions for certain contacts.

You can set regular blocked periods for certain days of the week or just set a custom period when you need it.

The app is free and available on Android.

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