Would you believe bosses are the main reason employees either love or leave their jobs? A post on Monster.com shows what it takes to make a great boss, and, in turn, make a great company.

1. Sets clear expectations

An effective boss doesn’t tell employees how to get the work done. They talk about outcomes and results and the employees are entrusted to execute the details and the process in the way they see fit.

2. Coaches employees

An effective boss does not assume employees know what to do and how to do it. A great boss recognizes that success in coaching is to be enough of a presence as a source of help, but not so much as to overshadow the team.

3. Gives feedback

Giving ongoing feedback helps improve employees’ performance and strengthens boss-employee relationships. If you wait until the scheduled performance review, feedback feels more like criticism and punishment.

4. Recognizes efforts

Nothing works like positive reinforcement and a great boss is very aware of this. By mentioning what you like about what employees are doing means you’ll encourage more of those actions.

5. Includes everyone

It’s essential for employees to feel like equals and equal contributing members to the team. A great boss creates an environment based on integrity, trust, respect — and one that encourages feedback, innovation, and creativity.

6. Gets to know employees

A boss who understands their employees’ lives is more likely to be sympathetic to their needs. In turn, employees who feel that their boss is caring will be more committed to their work.

7. Finds each person’s unique talents

A great boss taps into and leverages the instincts and skills their employees have. Employees will grow increasingly inspired and confident about their work, skills and talents.

8. Works fearlessly

An effective boss encourages employees not to be scared of making mistakes along the way. It’s about opportunity, trying something new and different, and pushing personal limits.

9. Is open and truthful

A great boss is direct, but sensitive. They never dodge the true, but share information that can help employees do a better job and feel more a part of the company.

10. Is made, not necessarily born

It is true that some bosses have a natural flair for leadership and motivating and inspiring others. However, much of what it takes to be an effective leader is learned behavior. Greatness can be maintained by attending management classes and seminars, reading books, and doing a lot of self-assessment.

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