Mahindra 2016 Dealer Meeting

HOUSTON — Mahindra North America (MNA) will host its dealer network, business partners and suppliers in Phoenix, Ariz., at its sixth National Dealer Meeting

(NDM), October 5-8, 2016. The event will bring together more than 1,100 attendees from all over the world and is expected to generate $7 million for the Phoenix economy. Executives and business owners from seven countries will be on hand to share best practices, strategies for growth and solutions to the challenges of operating an equipment dealership.

During the 2016 NDM, Mahindra will introduce new tractors, feature the advantages of its utility vehicle line and model successful business strategies to continue the company’s strong growth pattern.

“This year, more than ever, we look forward to NDM and celebrating a successful year of industry-leading growth with our dealers, partners, suppliers and employees” said Mani Iyer, President and CEO, Mahindra NA. “This is also the time to share our goals for the coming year, reveal strategies for moving our business to the next level and launch the new products that will help support our growth plans. We are pleased with the strides we have made over the past five years. We will now double our efforts, apply alternative thinking and use this momentum to propel our brand forward.”

“The 2016 NDM brings together Mahindra’s 'Power of Three — Brand, Partners and Employees.' These meetings provide a platform to acknowledge what we have accomplished together and challenge ourselves to reach higher in the year ahead,” said Cleo Franklin, Vice President Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA. “Phoenix is a beautiful city that provides a rich, inspirational cultural heritage as a backdrop to this gathering. In addition, the phoenix offers interesting symbolism for our continued rise as we soar into 2017.”

The Mahindra National Dealer Meeting will include panel discussions from leading industry experts, and top dealers to discuss trends and best practices. Rural Lifestyle Dealer Publisher Michael Ellis will present on trends and opportunities in the growing rural lifestyle market and share findings from the magazine's annual Dealer Business Trends & Outlook survey. 

There will be a series of business courses offering specialized, practical information and an exciting, expanded ride and drive experience providing hands-on drive-time with new Mahindra tractors, utility vehicles and implements. This dynamic convention encourages Mahindra’s partners, suppliers and dealers to exchange valuable information, discuss real-world situations and generate new ideas and solutions to enhance all sides of the business for the benefit of the customer.

To learn more about becoming a Mahindra dealer go to: or call 877.449.7771.