LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. — The Plugr brand of cam driven aerators complements Billy Goat’s One & Done 30-inch hydro aerator and creates the most Billy Goat Aerator Lineupcomprehensive offering of reciprocating aerators on the market.

Reciprocating aerators have advantages over traditional drum aerators that allow for unique features such as in-ground turning that reduces operator fatigue; fewer tines for easy service; variable aeration density that produces two to ten times more holes per pass — ideal for patch and repair work —and deeper plugs regardless of soil conditions.

The cam-driven reciprocating Plugr models include the PL1800 series, a compact 18-inch aerator that is ideal for smaller property aeration and delivers up to 22,000 sq ft/hour. A folding handle allows for simple transport and has only four tines and no chains for easy maintenance. The PL2500H 25-inch mechanical drive is best suited for larger property aerations with flatter landscapes and delivers up to 42,550 square feet/hour, while the PL2500SPH 25-inch hydro drive self-propelled model is perfect for large hilly property and delivers up to 35,000 sq ft/hour.

The two 25-inch models have variable speed, allowing for a denser hole pattern at slower speed where needed. Both have only eight tines for remarkably simple service. All Plugr models are easy to operate and steer without lifting on turns, and require no add-on weights for cores up to 2.75 inches deep, even in dry soil conditions.

Billy Goat’s combined aerator lineup offers the 19-inch walk-behind and 48-inch/72-inch tow-behind drum aerators, the new 18-inch and 25-inch mechanical reciprocating aerators, and the new 30-inch hydrostatic reciprocating aerator — an industry first.