This page lists material that supplements the Fall 2015 Issue of Rural Lifestyle Dealer.

2015 Dealership of the Year Video Series

The 22-part 2015 Rural Lifestyle Dealer Dealership of the Year video series highlights the success of PrairieCoast Equipment, a John Deere dealership in Alberta and British Columbia, and Kelly Tractor & Equipment, a Mahindra and New Holland dealership in Longview, Texas.

Kelly Tractor & Equipment

PrairieCoast Equipment

(Supplements to the article "Recognizing Excellence" on Page 10.)

Structuring your Service Department

Read the expanded version of comments from Bob Clements to find out what and who you need in your service department to create the level of performance your customers expect and the level of profitability you deserve.

(Supplement to the article "6 Positions You Need in Your Service Department" on Page 34.)

Building a High Performance Service Department Webinar

The latest event in our webinar series looks at how to run a profitable service shop. Management consultant Bob Clements walks us through the basics of running a shop and making solid profits.

(Supplement to the "Industry Q&A" on Page 68.)