Most people have an issue with someone in the dealership — and most people, possibly even you, are somebody's issue in the dealership.

People often tend to keep these tensions below the surface because we want to appear professional. And, we don't deal with conflict when it happens because we're afraid it will damage how we're perceived, according to an article on

But this subsurface tension is crushing productivity and-malfunctioning relationships are holding us back. Consider these three ways to deal with office tension.

1. If you're in charge, this process is straightforward and it starts with you. The trick is that you need to confront the problem without intimidating, belittling, or threatening the person you have an issue with.

2 If you're one of the team, it also starts with you. You can demonstrate leadership and a commitment to the organization by skillfully addressing the problem. Demonstrating an earnest desire to make things better — including doing your part to address your own problematic behaviors — will not only make the team more effective, it will elevate you in the eyes of others. You become a problem-solver on top of all of the other great skills you bring to the table.

3. If you know there is tension but you're reluctant to bring it up and deal with it, remember this: It always comes out. The choice you're making is to deal with it now (and retain some control over the situation) or let an external event bring it all up for you, often in a dramatic outburst.

Dealing with interpersonal tension amidst a crisis is a terrible combination that almost always results in one or more people exiting the organization. Things just fall apart for the leadership team and all of the supporting staff. Your company's image suffers, customers are neglected, and staff are left wondering what's going to happen next — so they start looking for other jobs.

Dealing head-on with the issues you know are there might produce a little short-term discomfort, but it has a huge upside. Afterward, you'll be a more resilient team that can weather whatever challenges business and life throw at you.