From the Archives:

Dealers shared their thoughts to this question in an Industry Q&A feature: "What is the biggest improvement you have made in your service or parts departments and what impact has it had on your dealership?"

Here is a change that Finch Services made:

“We have built quick-reference look-ups for maintenance parts and oil capacities. It searches by model number and it cuts our transaction time by as much as 75%. That means we can get customers what they want much more quickly. We can also print them out for the customer. We have seen customers bring their part numbers in with them or order online with us. It also helps with newer parts staff. They don’t have to look up these parts in the typical software. They can get to the info quickly and look more professional without a great deal of experience. This works especially well with homeowners and rural farmers.” — Aaron Boggs, Finch Services, Westminster, Md.