Executive coach Ashley Stahl believes that small gestures can inspire employees and management. The effect of a simple gesture will improve your relationships with employees and inspire them to do the same.

Here are some tips from Stahl on how to boost morale, pay-it-forward and inspire employees at work:

1. Show your appreciation for others.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t need to be Employee Appreciation Day or Boss’s Day to recognize someone’s hard work. Let others know their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Grab a coffee for your service technician or compliment them on a recent job they completed. A small genuine compliment can go along way.

2. Lend a helping hand.

We can’t read each other’s minds. Many people put on a happy face, even when their workload starts to overwhelm them. Look for someone at work who always stays late or who hasn’t taken time off in ages. Ask them how you can help out with what’s on their plate. If you have some time to spare, give it over. Pick up a wrench and get your hands dirty, or help fill out some much needed paperwork for a salesperson. They will feel valued and recognized for the work they’re putting in.

3. Take someone out to lunch.

More often than not, people get caught up in an isolated routine at work. It may seem easy to keep your head down, get your work done, and clock out, but all that does in the long run is hinder your well-being. To combat that, invite a few employees from the dealership to grab lunch together. Not only will the change of scenery spike creativity, but spending time socializing will greatly decreases you chance of having a bad day.