Now is the time to sell niche products like Blowers, Generators and Pressure Washers year round.

This “How to Sell Volume 3: Blowers, Generators and Pressure Washers” report shares how you can boost revenues of seasonal and niche products and increase sales throughout the year.

Dear Rural Lifestyle Dealer,

You probably look at some products like blowers as a seasonal product and may be stumped on how to keep sales going throughout the year. Products like generators and pressure washers are often seen as “feast or famine” sales, bringing in sales only when weather events occur and your customers are in immediate need.

What if you could implement strategies to make these products yearlong sellers? We talked to seasoned dealers like you who are successfully selling lines of blowers, generators and pressure washers year-round, and boosting their revenues because of this move. Our eGuide brings you critical information on how they do it, so you can do the same. We’ve made it absolutely free to you so you can focus on increasing your profits, TODAY.

Download How to Sell Volume 3: Blowers, Generators and Pressure Washers, and start the ball rolling on greater year-round equipment sales today.

Seasoned dealers share how they reach customers with niche products.

This exclusive report includes strategy, sales experience and honest advice from rural lifestyle dealers around the country. Learn from independent, family-owned dealers who have been in the business for 29 years.

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How to Sell Volume 3: Blowers, Generators & Pressure Washers is a comprehensive, foundational guide to increasing sales year-round. Learn how dealers are marketing products to consumers in unique ways, and how they use serviceability options to keep their customers satisfied — and coming back. 

  • Understand how dealers are finding unique ways to market “feast or famine” equipment like generators by uncovering new and growing niche markets.
  • Discover how to package equipment like blowers and generators with other product sales. 
  • Learn why it’s critical to be able to offer preventive and maintenance service with equipment sales.
  • Gain confidence in marketing strategies like email campaigns and digital advertising. Learn how dealers like you are using these techniques to promote their products. 

You know you can’t afford to let your inventory of blowers, generators and power washers just sit in your showroom. There are risks to not paying attention to what dealers are doing around the country to sell more niche products. Creating loyal customers is necessary to dealership survival. Consider this:

  • Offering preventive service and an annual maintenance program is a long-term way to make money when selling generators. Dealers are adding value to their products by being a servicing dealer, which also helps you beat online competition.
  • Many dealers are implementing rentals for customers to test models before they buy. If they’re satisfied with the product, their rental cost is rolled into the price of a new item. 

These are just some of the many strategies rural lifestyle dealers like you are implementing to increase sales of blowers, power washers and generators today. Keep your business on track and ahead of the competition by downloading this FREE report filled with sales tactics TODAY. 

Here at Rural Lifestyle Dealer, we are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date information on what dealerships are doing all around the country to increase sales. We want your business to succeed, which is why we’re offering this immeasurably helpful report for FREE download, filled with insights such as… 

Keys to Success with Niche Products

Learn what successful dealers say is the reason for their year-round sales of blowers, generators and pressure washers and why customers keep coming back:

  1. Manufacturer quality and variety in showroom
  2. Variety of blower models including backpack, rolling and handheld
  3. Carrying product lines that customers have heard of, so they trust the quality
  4. Offering a good warranty
  5. Carrying not only different styles, but also different power sources
  6. Be aware of the trend toward lithium-battery powered models, which feature the benefit of less noise and fewer emissions.

To understand these keys to success and learn more strategies, Read our FREE Special Report, How to Sell Volume 3: Blowers, Generators & Pressure Washers.

Who doesn’t want to reach more customers and sell more niche products? That’s why this FREE guide is crucial to your dealership.

Read as dealers share how education of customers is key to their success:

  • In addition to helping customers understand which model would be the best for them, explain the functionality of each model.
  • Many customers focus just on mph for blowers, but don’t realize the importance of cubic feet per minute. Help them understand you need both when finding the right blower.
  • Educate customers about unique solutions such as a vacuum shredder that can also provide cross-selling opportunities.

Find ways to better assist your customers in the decision-making process, and you’ll soon become the dealer they trust, and they’ll keep coming back to for all their equipment purchases.

Read this free report right now to learn how to keep your customers happy, and coming back to your dealership for all their rural lifestyle needs. 

Strategies for Success

Dealers share their strategies for a successful year in sales. 

  • Keep the showroom looking fresh, changing with the seasons.
  • One dealer shares how they segment the showroom by customer group, with separate entrances for commercial and residential consumers.
  • Learn how dealers are finding success through email campaigns and providing detailed information on their websites.
  • When it comes to selling generators, successful dealers help customers define their power needs, offer set-up and are ready to offer support during power outages.

These are just some of the takeaways you’ll find by downloading this free report and reviewing it with your cup of morning coffee. 

Here’s a few more...

  • Learn about dealers that are selling generators online through attention grabbing photos and videos, and how their unbeatable warranty is helping them beat online competition.
  • See how dealers lead each generator customer through a needs chart to determine what their power requirements are and how each generator can meet their needs.
  • To increase your sales, it’s all about relationships, not trade secrets. One successful dealer shares how his success all boils down to customer service.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Put these strategies into practice and discover greater success in selling blowers, generators and power washers in your market.

As a successful rural lifestyle dealer, you know that driving sales on three key categories of equipment can bring your business to the next level. This also means you’re exactly the kind of person that needs to download this FREE report, How to Sell Volume 3: Blowers, Generators & Pressure Washers.

You know how valuable it is to continue to expand into new markets. If you’re looking to add value to your dealership by carrying blowers, generators or power washers, you NEED this free guide.

With this free eGuide, you’ll learn how to reach new kinds of customers like owners of food truck businesses or rural lifestylers living off the grid. You’ll find strategies to familiarize yourself with competing dealers in the area to determine if carrying different product lines are effective.

Do you want to…

Better educate your customers on equipment?

Reach new niche markets to sell more seasonal products year-round?

Learn service methods to keep your customers happy and coming back to your store?

Then download this free report right now, and get started. The minute you do, you start the momentum toward greater sales.

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Yours for a better rural equipment industry,

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Lynn Woolf, Managing Editor

PS: Want to expand into the pressure washer market, but not sure if you have the proper repair resources? Learn how you can find sub-dealers and increase your geography by downloading How to Sell Volume 3: Blowers, Generators & Pressure Washers right now.

PPS: Learn how dealers like you are offering preventive service and annual maintenance programs for their equipment, increasing sales and customer trust.


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