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You are constantly seeking to grow your business by learning how to better manage employees, bring in more customers, and improve customer service. Every successful rural lifestyle dealer knows they should always be improving. 

That’s why the team at Rural Lifestyle Dealer compiled this FREE report that highlights the top dealerships in the country. This report, Best Practices of Elite Dealerships Volume 4, features three nationally recognized dealerships and reveals their strategies for success. These top dealership owners share their proven approaches on customer service, marketing and management.

There’s a reason these dealerships have all earned Dealership of the Year status. Learn how these top businesses have radically grown their revenues and increased their market share. 

We’re bringing you their success stories, so you can share in the wealth of knowledge. Even better, we’ve made this eGuide absolutely FREE to get it into the hands of as many rural lifestyle dealers as possible.

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Detailed management strategies from top dealers.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer, the leading authority in the industry, brings you a wealth of knowledge from dealers with a combined 117 years in the business, featured in this report. See from their management styles, long employee tenure, revenue and market share why their business strategies are worth considering.

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Best Practices of Elite Dealerships Volume 4, featuring dealership of the year recipients, is a comprehensive, foundational guide to the best management practices found tried and true by top dealers. In this exclusive guide, you’ll find tips such as how to: 

  • Use a lack of brand awareness in your area for a certain line to your advantage, marketing it as a way to separate your dealership from the competition.
  • Analyze your current organizational structure to see if there are ways to restructure responsibilities to increase efficiencies and improve customer service.
  • Discover if you’re investing enough in advertising. Take a risk and test new campaigns to boost sales. 
  • Solve your hiring problems by “growing” your own service technicians through training and apprenticeship programs.

Every successful rural lifestyle dealer understands they can’t afford to not continue analyzing how to improve their business through better management, customer service initiatives, improved advertising efforts and a focus on employee satisfaction. 

The dealers featured in this special report have implemented several marketing and promotional initiatives that highlight their philosophy of delivering a superior customer experience that sets a new standard, turning customers into dealership advocates. You can’t afford to miss these dealer takeaways! 

Taking the time to download and read this FREE report over your morning coffee will put you and your dealership significantly ahead.

The folks at Rural Lifestyle Dealer, are dedicated entirely to bringing you information and trends seen by successful dealers to make your dealership the best it can be. Download this report and you will find.

Takeaways from top rural lifestyle dealers

Hear what successful dealers have to say regarding their best business strategies:

  1. Advertising is an extra salesperson.
  2. When selling equipment, sell benefits and values, not the price. Tell the brand story, how they started and who they are. If someone is going to invest in a piece of equipment, they need to know about the company that manufactured it.
  3. Learn how to track customer contacts and use a system that works well.
  4. Try your hand at referral incentives; one dealership offers a $100 in-store credit for referrals result in a sale. Within 5 years, this dealership was achieving more than 20% referrals.
  5. Participate in training programs to build up young service techs.

This is just a taste of all the insights you’ll receive from top dealers when you read our FREE Special Report, Best Practices of Elite Dealerships Volume 4.”

See even more from top dealers.

In addition to in-depth highlights of each award-winning dealership, this report contains links to video interviews with even more wisdom to glean from these successful dealers. Don’t miss out! Download your free EGuide NOW.

That’s the kind of actionable information you get throughout this FREE report. Learn real techniques and hear real experiences from real dealers like you.

You’ll gain insight into specific business tactics such as:

  1. Big Valley Tractor’s rental program, where 85% of the dealership’s tractor inventory is in the rental program.
  2. The “1 in 9” parts inventory standard where Big Valley Tractor strives to sell a part within 9 months.
  3. How one dealership found revamping its website was a wise investment, since website leads was its most effective marketing tool.
  4. One manager swears by simple relationship techniques, such as 6 a.m. breakfasts with growers. Another owner uses regular visits to all dealership locations as an opportunity to know something about every employee and keep a family atmosphere within the company.
  5. Learn how to discover which employees are movers and shakers and ways to best promote from within.

With these insights and more found within the pages of this FREE downloadable report, you can exponentially increase your business’ effectiveness.

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Takeaways to increase your dealership’s success.

In addition to a wealth of dealer insights you’ve already uncovered:

  • Look for ways to diversify your dealership, such as renting construction equipment, so your business isn’t totally dependent on weather.
  • Take the time to walk around the dealership and casually talk with employees to learn about issues.
  • Be diligent about running reports and watching for issues, so you can address small problems early.

These are just some of the takeaways you’ll find by downloading this free report and reviewing it your cup of morning coffee.

Here are a few more...

  • Emphasize in-house employee training to build up knowledgeable staff.
  • Consider hiring a marketing manager to help with advertising, Facebook ads and special events.
  • Try ramping up your digital presence by implementing a video of the month.

And that’s just the start! Download this guide for even more strategies for success from top dealers.

By now, I’m sure you see the value of this report, which is filled with insights from the industry’s top dealerships. It’s full of solutions to increase revenues and market share, foster employee satisfaction, successfully implement marketing initiatives and close sales. You don’t want to miss out on what this FREE guide has to offer.

As a dealer, you know how valuable reports like this are to gain new insights and learn what other successful dealerships are doing to get ahead. What better way to move forward than to download this FREE report?

Do you want to increase employee tenure?

Are you looking to implement new sales techniques and marketing initiatives?

Want to join in the successes of these award-winning dealers?

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