In some parts of our country, people are replacing their lawns with rocks, mulch, cacti and plastic grass — deadening the landscape in order to conserve water — but your customers don’t have to take that route.

Kris Kiser, president and CEO of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) explains why lawn care is much more than a person making their lawn pretty.  “Having a lawn and being a good environmental steward are not mutually exclusive,” explains Kiser. “Grass is a vital part of our living landscapes that contribute to our communities, our families and our health.”

Lawns help produce oxygen, sequester carbon, remove dust and pollutions and cleanse storm water.

Outside of the initial benefits good lawn care can do, most people, in fact 2/3, say they actually enjoy taking care of their lawns. They often put their grass as first priority, then trees, brushes and shrubs.

Download and share this infographic with your team and your customers regarding the benefits of living landscapes.

Lynn Woolf