Midland Door Solutions custom designs each door to fit any new or existing building for safe and easy access. Midland’s bi-fold doors contain heavy-gauge steel tubing and a truss system that are jig welded for exceptional strength and durability. The doors do not obscure the building’s opening, and equipment can use the full height and width of the doorway when entering or exiting.

A single-latch system with a safety switch comes standard on every door for easy operation. Once closed, users can easily secure the door with one latch in the center rather than one on each end. This saves time, and the safety switch eliminates the risk of damage that can be caused when a user forgets to open both latches. With an optional automatic latch, Midland bi-fold doors can be opened with the push of a button.

Midland designs all of its bi-fold doors to open quickly and safely. The opening system has a 5-to-1 safety rating — the cables and straps that open the door can withstand stress that is five times greater than the weight of the door.

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