In a letter to dealers, c-Systems Software President Steve Stinson, announces that Constellation Software has completed the acquisition of c-Systems. The company will continue to operate as a business management software provider, now within the Perseus division of Constellation Software.

Constellation provides software and services to a select number of industries, both in the public and private sectors. Its mission is to acquire, manage and build market-leading software businesses that develop specialized, mission-critical solutions for particular industries. It serves more than 40,000 customers in more than 30 countries. It is a publicly held company and can be found on the Nasdaq under the “CNSWF” symbol.

Stinson is retiring after 34 years as c-Systems Software president. Jim Phelan, vice president, and Ron Tate, national sales manager, are also retiring as part of the transition plan.

"I am happy to leave c-Systems in the care of a company with the same beliefs as ours and very excited by the opportunity to strengthen c-Systems’ position in the outdoor power, agriculture and power sports industries. Other companies wanted to invest in c-Systems, but Constellation’s software-for-life approach, along with its ability to meet the unique needs of our market and proven expertise in dealership software, made it stand out," Stinson says in the letter.