ARI (OTCBB:ARIS), a leading provider of technology-enabled business solutions that connects equipment dealers, distributors and manufacturers, today announced that Wright Manufacturing, Inc., of Frederick, MD, has selected ARI to provide its distributors, dealers and their respective customers access to their parts and pricing information using PartSmart or  PartStream. 

Under the new agreement, Wright’s parts catalogs for their complete line of commercial lawn equipment will be available to authorized dealers and distributors on PartSmart, PartSmart Web, PartStream, and WebsiteSmart.   Under the new agreement

o             Dealers using WebsiteSmart, ARI’s award-winning dealer websites will be able to add the Wright parts catalogs to their websites, allowing consumers to look up and order parts online 24x7. 

o             Dealers using PartSmart, ARI’s CD-based electronic parts catalogs, will be able to add the Wright catalog to their PartSmart subscriptions.

o             Distributors will be able to add the Wright service information to their current PartSmart Web deployments for dealer access and online ordering. 

o             Dealers and distributors who use a third-party website will be able to make the Wright catalogs available to consumers through integration with PartStream, ARI’s modular parts viewing software.

“We recognize the need to provide our distributors and dealers with tools that will help them be more efficient and sell more,” said Bill Wright, CEO of Wright Manufacturing.  “We chose to work with ARI for two reasons.  First, ARI is a proven partner, with nearly 30 years of industry knowledge and insight.  Second, ARI’s suite of products will help our dealers and distributors meet the expectations of their customers as well as reach out to the growing number of consumers who use the Internet to research products and buy online,” added Wright.  

“Wright Manufacturing’s decision to work with ARI demonstrates the value that our products and services provide to manufacturers as well as their distributors and dealers,” said Roy W. Olivier, ARI President and CEO.  “We are committed to providing Wright’s dealers and distributors with technology that helps them drive more business and increase their profits.”

About Wright Manufacturing

Wright Manufacturing is an innovative leader in lawn maintenance technology, seeking to manufacture the safest, most durable and highest quality lawn equipment in the world.  Since its inception over twenty years ago, the company has revolutionized commercial lawn maintenance with products such as the industry-leading "Grass Gobbler" and its revolutionary line of stand-on mowers.  As a testament to their innovation, Wright's engineering team has received over 50 U.S. patents with more pending future approval. Wright Manufacturing has about 600 authorized dealers worldwide.  For more information about Wright Manufacturing, please visit

About ARI

ARI, (OTCBB:ARIS),  is a leading provider of technology-enabled services that help dealers, distributors and manufacturers reduce costs and increase sales in selected vertical markets. Specifically, ARI provides electronic parts and accessory catalogs, dealer eCommerce solutions, professional services and/or other services in about a dozen vertical markets worldwide, including outdoor power, power sports, motorcycles, marine, recreation vehicles, appliances, agricultural equipment, floor maintenance and construction. ARI currently serves more than 18,000 dealers, over 125 manufacturers, and more than 150 distributors in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information on ARI, please visit the Company's website at