WHITMAN, Mass. — Alan McKenzie, President of Torwel Limited (formerly Marketing Manager of Ace Torwel), has announced the completion of Torwel’s months-long business restructuring and return to full operation and sales as Torwel Limited, now with headquarters in Whitman. 

The Torwel brand has maintained a market presence throughout the Northeast since its founding in 1946, known for its line of heavy duty Torwel spreaders, pickup truck spreaders including the Economizer line, and snow pushers. More than 10,000 Torwel units have been sold, all proudly manufactured in the USA.

“Faced with the challenge to preserve the Torwel brand for future generations, we chose to consolidate operations, reduce inventory, and resume business in good fiscal health," Mr. McKenzie said. "I am very pleased to report that Torwel Limited has purchased the assets and IP of Ace Torwel and has resumed production. We are back on track, meeting the demand for quality products and replacement parts with renewed commitment to our valued dealer network,” he said.

New Sales Leadership

The recent hiring of industry veteran William Matchett, formerly Northeast Sales Manager for Western Products snowplows and sanders, as Torwel Limited’s sales manager is key to the company’s renewed focus on trusted markets and on cementing relations with its dealers.

Matchett brings over nine years of experience to his new position and, according to Mr. McKenzie, has already been instrumental in strengthening the company's bond with its professional, commercial, and municipal base. Mr. McKenzie reported that Mr. Matchett has successfully retained most of Ace Torwel's dealers in the Torwel Limited community.  

“Bill is overseeing aggressive new sales and replacement parts programs, delivering incentives helpful to our Torwel dealers," he said.