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Years ago, customers would visit your dealership solely because of the manufacturers that you carried. Today, the world that you do business in has drastically changed. Your customers are exposed to many more options, so your dealership has to provide the best customer experience. The days of being just “OK” are gone and the need to meet and exceed what a customer expects is the new norm.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer collaborated with Bob Clements, the premier management consultant for outdoor power equipment, agriculture and power sports dealerships, to create this eGuide, completely FREE, stacked with advice and knowledge on building and maintaining your dealership brand.

Maximizing Your Dealership’s Exterior

How your dealership looks on the outside, the “curb appeal,” is often one of the most overlooked parts of creating a great customer experience. Potential new customers immediately make a decision regarding whether they will do business with you based upon the exterior of your dealership. A fresh, well-kept dealership communicates an important message to your customers about how you will take care of them and the equipment they buy from you.

It’s important for everyone involved in your business to look at the exterior of your dealership, including the driveway and parking lot, with a fresh set of eyes every day. The challenge we all have when we walk into the dealership day in and day out is that we begin to overlook the little things that are going wrong. Unfortunately, those are the things that a new customer will instantly notice. 

In this FREE eGuide, you’ll learn what steps you and your employees can take every day to ensure the exterior of your business is attracting new customers and creating a great first impression. 

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Presenting Professional Appearance 

Having a clean exterior of your dealership is crucial, but your employees’ appearances are equally important. All of the employees associated with your company, whether it be the sales team, the executive board or the delivery drivers, represent you and your store. The impression they create will be the first and last impression a customer has of your store. 

In this FREE eGuide, Bob Clements shares easy tactics to ensure your employees look and act their best, so your customers have the experience that you want them to have.

Taking Care of Customers

Your dealership has a lot riding on taking care of the existing customers you have and attracting new customers into your store. Without a constant flow of new customers to replace the existing customers that move away, a dealership starts going backward instead of forward. 

Download this FREE eGuide and learn some of the simplest tasks you and your employees can do to attract new customers, while ensuring your current ones stay satisfied. 

Creating Your Brand 

Customers can buy equipment from your competitors, but they can’t get you or your people. That’s the brand you should be working to build. Your brand has to do with both the look of your store and your employees. It represents what you are trying to deliver to the customer in both product and experience. 

In this FREE eGuide, Bob Clements shares his insight and advice on creating your brand such as…

  • How to create a “sell line”
  • What your brand should include 
  • The most important aspects of your brand 

Download “Create a High Performance Dealership with Bob Clements: Sales Department Volume 1” and discover what changes you can make to raise your dealership to the top.

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