OLATHE, Kan. — John Deere announces model year 2019 updates for its 90- to 125-horsepower 5R Utility Tractors. The updates put features and options typically found in larger tractors into a premium utility tractor that livestock, hay and small-acreage producers can use.

Updated John Deere 5R Series Utility Tractors include the 5090R, 5100R, 5115R and 5125R. For the first time in a 5 Series Utility Tractor, factory-installed, integrated AutoTrac and JDLink can be ordered and includes the new John Deere 4240 Display and the StarFire 6000 Receiver. Other factory-installed options include a suspended front axle, variable-ratio steering, reconfigurable joystick, new front hitch and PTO. For model year 2019 the tractors will also be able to connect to ISOBUS compatible implements.

“These updates and new features improve tractor maneuverability, minimize costs, improve visibility from the cab and enhance operator comfort,” said John Doyle, product marketing manager for John Deere.

An industry exclusive 7.4-foot (2.25 m) wheelbase, 60-degree steering angle and 12.1-foot (3.69 m) turning radius make it easier to maneuver in small hay fields or to mow, rake or bale. “Turns are eight percent tighter than the next closest competitor and four inches shorter than the 5M. This provides an extra 17 degrees of steering angle,” Doyle said. Variable-ratio steering decreases the number of steering-wheel turns by 50 percent to achieve the tractor’s maximum steering angle. “This reduces operator fatigue and improves the tractor’s productivity and maneuverability to help get the work done more efficiently."

Upward visibility for loader applications is 80 percent better with the Panorama cab option when compared to current 5M premium cab models.

A reconfigurable joystick allows operators to easily switch the function of the loader joystick from controlling the mid SCVs to the rear SCVs. “It’s easy to switch from controlling the loader to controlling the hydraulic functions of an implement – for example, opening and closing the gate on a baler,” Doyle explained.

Optional JDLink provides remote access to monitor critical tractor systems and functions. Machine information and programmed custom alerts can prevent downtime by helping customers avoid equipment failures. When JDLink is combined with Remote Display Access (RDA), producers can give their dealer remote access to the machine to troubleshoot potential problems, provide faster repairs or schedule routine maintenance. “Remote Access is especially beneficial for commercial-livestock and hay producers who need to monitor machine functionality and keep operating costs low,” Doyle said.

Operator comfort on the 5R gives utility tractor customers many of the same features found on larger tractors. “An optional CommandARM with electrohydraulic SCVs has been adopted from larger John Deere 7R Tractors and puts more hydraulic functions at the fingertips of the operator,” Doyle stated.

Fitted under the 5R is an optional suspended front axle that adapts to changing terrain conditions, puts more power to the ground and provides superior ride comfort. For added precision, the suspension can be locked.

“The MY19 updates offered for the 5R Utility Tractors give producers features that are traditionally available in larger row-crop tractors,” Doyle said. “Livestock and hay producers will notice how nimble these machines are, especially when working in small fields or other confined spaces where maneuverability is important."

For more information about the MY 19 5R Utility Tractors, visit your local John Deere dealer, or JohnDeere.com for details.