The STIHL RMI 422 PC-L and STIHL RMI 632 PC-L iMow robotic lawn mowers from STIHL allow users to mow their yard, track progress and customize mowing schedules from the convenience of their smartphone. STIHL iMow automatically mows lawns up to 1.25 acres depending on the model and returns to its docking station when finished or when the battery needs recharging. Homeowners can maintain a well-manicured lawn within their busy schedules and with minimal effort. Available with LTE connectivity, users can remotely adjust mowing schedules, receive notifications and manage their iMow experience – all with the free STIHL iMow app on their smartphone.

“The STIHL RMI 422 PC-L and STIHL RMI 632 PC-L iMow robotic mowers take the work out of lawn care,” said Brian Manke, product manager at STIHL Inc. “Grass will be greener and healthier due to regular mowing and the added convenience of smart technology connectivity gives homeowners a well-manicured lawn with little-to-no effort.”

Manage Round-the-Clock Mowing from Anywhere

The STIHL RMI 422 PC-L and RMI 632 PC-L iMow robotic mowers offer flexible programming with user-configured “Active Times” — homeowners can customize and adjust mowing times via a smartphone or tablet to fit their lifestyle and schedule.

Additional features of the STIHL RMI 422 PC-L and STIHL RMI 632 PC-L robotic mowers include:

  • Anti-theft system — iMow with LTE connectivity notifies the user through the STIHL app if it is removed from the geofenced yard. A user-chosen security PIN prevents a change in settings and can only be reset by STIHL Branch or Distributor.
  • Mulching mower functionality which generates significantly less dust than a traditional mower, returns nutrients and moisture back to the soil for a healthier lawn and is beneficial for air quality and those with allergies.
  • Quiet operation allowing for flexibility of early morning and nighttime use, ideal for noise-sensitive areas.
  • Unmatched, authorized STIHL iMow dealer support for professional set-up customized specifically to the yard — ensures optimal robotic mower performance and hassle-free operation.
  • Automatic mowing speed variation to deliver optimum cuts based on mowing conditions and terrain.
  • Hood Sensor to allow iMow to work around built-in lawn features. When iMow bumps into a solid object, it stops, changes direction, then keeps mowing. If the hood is lifted, the mowing blade is designed to stop to prevent damage or injury and only resumes mowing when manually instructed by user.
  • Durable double-sided STIHL blade delivering high-quality cut and ability to mow through thick grass.
  • Cutting heights ranging from .8 inches to 2.4 inches with central cutting height adjustment to quickly and easily meet a wide range of needs.
  • Built-in rain sensor to delay mowing when raining, return to outdoor docking station until sensor is dry and automatically resume mowing plan
  • Auto-adjust capability — whether manually skipped or if the mowing schedule is delayed due to weather, iMow compensates, making up lost time later in the week.
  • Automatic charging allows the mower to find the optimal balance between getting the job done and maintaining battery charge by automatically returning to its charging station and charging at the appropriate rate as needed — thus extending battery life.

STIHL iMow RMI 422 PC-L Perfect for Small to Medium Suburban Lawns

  • Compact and highly maneuverable 7.8-inch cutting width is designed to cut yards up to nearly half an acre in about 28 hours per week.
  • Built-in, intuitive LED control panel with backlit display allows easy adjustment of settings.
  • Able to traverse slopes up to 22 degrees for clean and even mowing.

STIHL iMow RMI 632 PC-L Designed for Larger Suburban Yards

  • 11-inch cutting width efficiently mows yards up to nearly an acre and a fourth in about 50 hours per week.
  • Easy-to-use, removable LED control panel with bright display offers easy and comfortable programming without having to bend down to reach the controls.
  • Able to traverse slopes up to 24 degrees for clean and even mowing.