Horsch's Avatar SD40 Single Disc Seeder features a 166 bushel product carrying capacity with a 40 foot working width and 10 inch seed row spacing. It splits the 166 bushel product carrying capacity between two independent eight bushel tanks with the Horsch electric-driven metering system on each tank.

While the operator can use the full capacity for seed, the Avatar SD40 also gives the ability to use two products and place dry fertilizer in furrow with seed. The Avatar SD40 also features a revolutionary approach to the disc opener unit and linkage system. The opener arm mounts to the toolbar using a rubber torsion mount system, and all the openers are mounted on a rock shaft. Down pressure is simply adjusted in the cab, and the rubber torsion is the flex point. The blade bearing assembly is the largest seen on single disc openers today, dramatically increasing bearing lifespan.

The ISOBUS-compatible system allows the operator to utilize existing ISO virtual terminals in the tractor. Whether using an ISOVT or the HORSCH monitor system, operators can use prescription maps and collect data.

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