Lynn Woolf

Lynn Woolf

Date: Feb. 28
Time: 10 am Central Time
Speaker: Lynn Woolf, Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s Managing Editor

Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s award-winning Managing Editor, Lynn Woolf, shares a “deep down” look at the rural market in this interactive webinar. She’ll present results from the extensive 2019 Dealer Business Trends & Outlook Report, based on forecasts from dealers across North America.

The webinar highlights revenue forecasts; which products dealers expect to be hot sellers this year; how they are adding or expanding their product lineups; and what their major concerns are.

You’ll learn:

  • Dealers’ year-over-year change in total revenue
  • Revenue projections for the year ahead
  • Outlook of U.S. dealers, large vs. small dealerships and by major manufacturer
  • And many other key takeaways to help you excel in the rural equipment market

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. Email Lynn Woolf with any questions about the webinar.

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