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Today we’re looking at how effective UTV brands are in responding to website leads — and how you as a dealer can improve your own response rates. We’re talking with Fran O’Hagan, who is the president and CEO of Pied Piper Management Co. Pied Piper recently released the results from its internet lead effectiveness (or ILE) study.

As part of the study, Pied Piper sent customer inquiries through individual websites of 4,208 dealerships. O’Hagan explains the goal:

Our study answers the question, what happens when a UTV or a motorcycle customer visits a dealer website and inquires about a vehicle? What happens? How quickly does the dealership respond and how do they respond? Do they attempt to phone the customer? Do they send an email? What we find is today, there's some brands that send an email of some type 90% of the time and there's some brands that on average the dealers provide an email less than half the time, so there's a big swing between the top brands in the bottom brands.

The discussion will also dig into the rankings, looking specifically at how OPE/rural equipment brands did in the survey.

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