Total farm tractor sales were down 3.5% last month, when compared to June of 2018, while retail sales of self-propelled combines fell 23%.

Every product category saw a decrease last month, though year-to-date sales for tractors (up 4.3%) and combines (up 4.5%) remained solid. Here is the breakdown for June (when compared to the same time a year ago):

  • 2WD Farm Tractors (<40 HP) - 2.6%
  • 2WD Farm Tractors (40<100 HP) - 4.8%
  • 100+ HP -7.4%
  • Total 2WD Farm Tractors -3.4%
  • 4WD Farm Tractors -15.7%

Canadian retail sales of farm tractors and combines fared no better last month. Total tractor sales dropped 14.5% when compared to last June, while sales of self-propelled combines fell nearly 47%.