Excel Industries recently announced its plan to let go of approximately 70 staff members from its manufacturing facility in Hesston, Kan. According to company spokesperson Jennifer Leckstrom, the decision was based on a loss in business from a mass retail partner. 

Rural Lifestyle Dealer followed up for additional details. Read on for more information from Excel.

Can you comment at this time about the name of the mass retailer?

Given the continued support of this retailer in other capacities, such as parts, we are not publicly naming the company.

Can you comment about how this will affect production output?

We build up inventory based on the anticipated demand from our retailers and will scale production accordingly based on the loss of this business.

Do you expect any impact on dealers?

Our dealer network will continue to be responsible for the bulk of our business. We thank our dealers for their ongoing support and commitment to our products.  

Will Excel be pursuing the retailer again or how will the company make up for the loss of business?

While the nature of our relationship with this retailer is changing, we continue working with them in other capacities. Excel Industries is also already in talks with other potential mass retailer partners, as keeping our options open for reaching consumers is a fundamental part of our strategy.

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