CHARLOTTE, N.C. — According to a recent Husqvarna study conducted by Leger, 61% of Americans plan to integrate smart home technology to improve their lives and reduce daily chores. Two outdoor chores stood out as the least favorites, with 46% preferring not to have to mow their lawn and 57% wishing they could skip removing weeds.

Most Americans are in agreement that smart home technology will continue to play a vital role in their lives (81%), particularly millennials (82%), while Baby Boomers are less likely to tap into smart home technology integration (49%).

Smart home technology can be integrated outside of the home in the yard, which is an area of concern for many Americans. According to the survey, having a perfect lawn is important to two-thirds of Americans, and 30% report that a perfect lawn is very important to them. 

Key findings from the Smart Tech Adoption survey:

  • 47% of Americans currently use some form of smart technology
  • 51% currently don’t use home technology, but 28% would like to start
  • 75% of Americans often spend time in their own backyard
  • 63% of younger Americans spending 3+ hours per week maintaining their lawn interested in smart technology for their lawn maintenance chores
  • 42% of Americans are willing to spend less than $1,000 on smart technology for their lawn