After a lengthy process, Mean Green Mowers has been granted a patent for its ORV-BLAST! vehicle-mounted battery-powered debris blower.

Conventional mowing equipment, including debris blowers, is often inefficient and exposes employees (and surrounding communities) to toxic fumes and high levels of noise. Mean Green’s now patented technology overcomes these problems and delivers a solution that is:

  • Quiet (60 dba compared to 100 or more for traditional blowers)
  • Zero-emission
  • Fossil fuel-free

ORV-BLAST! achieves powerful 2 speed 120/155 MPH velocity and the run time is better than most commercial gas debris blowers since you are only limited by your vehicle’s large battery pack. It is designed for even the toughest, biggest commercial jobs. Further, ORV-BLAST! quickly attaches to any vehicle including our CXR mower – saving your back and allowing foot-operated or remote control of the swivel air tube and all power on/off and high/low functions! Meanwhile, the strong, lightweight aluminum construction ensures maximum durability.