Custom Products of Litchfield was granted a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its new duo-folding roll over protection system (ROPS). The duo-folding feature allows the equipment operator to adjust the framework depending on operating conditions, all the while meeting OSHA safety standards for roll over protection systems.

Occasionally, the overall height of the roll over protection system interferes with the function of the machine. For example, loading the equipment into a trailer or operating under trees can be challenging with ROPS in place. In these instances, the operator will often fold down the ROPS to gain clearance. When the ROPS is folded the traditional folded ROPS does not provide a certifiable level of protection to any safety standards.

Custom Products’ new technology maintains safety standards even when the ROPS is folded. In the lowered position the ROPS meet the requirements for OSHA regulation 1928.52. With the ROPS in the up position, the protection could meet ISO 21299 or ISO 5700 certification. This is an extremely important safety factor for manufacturers to consider when selecting a ROPS provider.

“Basically, this new ROPS technology means one thing,” says Scott Maki, Vice President of Development for Custom Products, “The operator has a versatile system that meets established safety standards in both up and folded configurations” – a factor that should be of the utmost importance to equipment manufacturers and contractors alike.

In addition to providing protection for the operator in situations when ROPS height does not allow the machine to effectively perform the task at hand, the new design will allow for simple adjustment from the up position to the folded position and vice versa.

Current U.S. law provides protection for patent holders for either 17 years from the issue date or 20 years from the claimed filing date, whichever is longer.