RED WING, Minn. — Red Wing Software has released two new apps to accompany its CenterPoint Time Clock. The CenterPoint Time Clock App and CenterPoint Time Clock Kiosk give employers the flexibility to choose the method for employees to enter time worked and time off requests.

The CenterPoint Time Clock, which works along with CenterPoint Payroll, enables employees and supervisors to enter time online. That information can then be imported directly into CenterPoint Payroll. CenterPoint Online Time Clock has traditionally been used on the web, where employees go to a secure website to clock in and out and request time off.

The Time Clock App and Time Clock Kiosk now offer two additional time entry methods. The CenterPoint Time Clock app can easily be downloaded for Apple and Android users. Login information from the web site can be used to log into the app. The Time Clock App makes time entry and time off requests a breeze from a tablet or phone.

For employers who require a centralized clock in/clock out location for their employees, the CenterPoint Time Clock Kiosk for Apple or Android tablets is a great fit. Employees simply receive a pin from their employer, which allows them to clock in and out on a shared device. No employee setup is required for the Time Clock Kiosk, since it’s pulled from within CenterPoint Payroll.

“Red Wing Software serves a great variety of business types with CenterPoint Payroll, and there is a growing demand for simplifying time entry,” said Ken Hilton, Red Wing Software President. “With the addition of the new CenterPoint Time Clock App and CenterPoint Time Clock Kiosk, nearly any business type can find a time entry method that works well for them, whether it’s an office, a farm, a manufacturer, or a retail shop — any business that has hourly employees and needs to track time. We are happy to meet this need for our customers.”

There is no additional cost for the CenterPoint Time Clock App or the CenterPoint Time Clock Kiosk, for customers already using the CenterPoint Online Time Clock.