The Cleanfix Reversible Fan features an E-Box controller with many enhancements designed to improve the durability and efficiency of the timer-equipped fan control system. Equipped with a compressor that ensures fast switching of the fan from engine cooling to radiator cleaning, the E-Box permits time-controlled switching at standard 30-minute intervals or adjusted intervals as required by severity of the worksite or application. Intermediate cleaning can also be carried out at any time by the press of a button in the operator’s cab while the machine continues to work at full speed.

Among the E-Box enhancements, the positions of the air and cable inlets have been arranged more clearly, and the filter is replaceable without opening the lid of the protective box. Stronger dampers on the box allow higher stresses due to dynamic loads, the mounting plate has threaded passages instead of rivet nuts and the plate itself is secured with three additional screws. The valve unit is a separate block, which further reduces stress on the housing.

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