Altoz offers a product that is unique to the industry — zero-turn and stand-on mowers with tracks. And while Altoz owner Dennis Brazier says tracked mowers certainly won’t replace all wheeled mowers, they offer a unique advantage for commercial, municipality or farm customers.

“These aren’t your general small homeowner type of machines,” he says. “They allow customers to mow areas they couldn’t mow before — and do it more safely. For lawn care professionals, it offers them new opportunities to generate more business.”

For example, areas that are sloped such as ditch banks, water retention ponds or river banks can be challenging to mow unless conditions are completely optimal, Brazier says. “And you can't count on that when today is the day that you have to get the job done. You have to be able to accomplish it,” he says. The tracked mowers allow landscapers and other lawn care professionals to get in there to mow and get the job done, regardless of the conditions.

“There's a lot of areas that they have to do maintenance in that, it might rain three times a day. And it'll rain for a half hour and the sun will come out and it'll be blistering hot for 3 hours and then it rains again,” he says. “These lawn care professionals, they've got so much work that they have to accomplish every day. One of the advantages of track machines is that you can mow through all different kinds of terrain and weather, so no matter what, you can always accomplish your job. This is a big advantage.”

Brazier adds that Altoz offers both a finish cut deck as well as what we call an all-terrain deck with swinging blades, which is a much more heavy-duty option. “There's many challenging areas that you just wouldn't cut with a lawn mower that you can cut with all-terrain deck.”

3 Track Advantages

Smooth Ride. One of the main benefits of tracks is they provide a smooth ride, explains Brazier. “Instead of a tire bouncing into a hole or over a mound, the torsion axle rear suspension and tracks bridge over holes and/or crawl over mounds. Tracks span ruts and holes so you don't even feel it. So they're incredibly smooth,” he says.

Low Ground Pressure. In addition, tracks have low ground pressure so in areas where the ground is soft or wet they won’t leave deep grooves or slip like tires normally would. With a wheeled mower, you can see grooves in the ground from where the wheels repeatedly go over because the mower goes in the same spot every time.

“As conditions deteriorate, tires spin and tear up the terrain. And where these tracks are certainly a lot more gentle on the terrain because they have good traction and less ground pressure,” he says.

High Traction. Tracks also provide better traction, particularly when mowing conditions aren’t ideal. “If conditions are wet or rainy, the tracks inherently just have a lot of traction. The stability on slopes and uneven terrain is really a big advantage. On wheeled machines, the pneumatic tire starts to act like a spring and bounce over things and if you're on a hilly surface, that's not a good situation. The tracked machines really give you security and stability,” Brazier says.

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