Today, Exmark announced it is working to develop a number of future technologies, including electric, robotic and autonomous commercial mowers. The company unveiled an early prototype of its robotic mower concept, and showed prototypes of autonomous and electric mower models at the GIE+EXPO trade show in Louisville, Ky.

Exmark also unveiled its 2022 product line at the show. New introductions include a new 144-inch Lazer Z Diesel zero-turn riding mower and all-new Vertex S-Series stand-on mower, as well as a Vanguard Oil Guard-equipped Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn riding mower and a new, more powerful Radius X-Series zero-turn riding mower.

According to Exmark General Manager, Daryn Walters, the company is showing the future models aside its current line to demonstrate its commitment to innovation, and to raising the bar for landscape maintenance professionals today, tomorrow, and into the future.

“Whether it’s the next evolution of an established product, or the development of innovative new products from the ground-up, we’re committed to giving our customers tools that deliver a competitive advantage,” Walters said. “Consistently raising the bar for landscape professionals has been a cornerstone of the Exmark brand since its beginning, more than 40 years ago.”

Walters said that Exmark, both as a brand and as a company, is focused on developing relevant technology for its customers.

“When the technology is ready and the timing is right for the commercial marketplace, Exmark will be ready,” Walters said. “As an industry, we’re still working to fully understand where autonomous and robotic equipment fit into the equation for landscape professionals.”

Walters said many questions remain to be answered when it comes to commercial robotic mowers. He cautioned that the prototype shown at GIE+EXPO is still at an early stage, and that the form factor could change significantly by the time it reaches production at some point in the future.

Despite the unanswered questions, he said the potential for robotic mower technology is too great to ignore.

“We see a big future for autonomous and robotic mowers in the commercial marketplace,” Walters said. “We’re excited for what the future holds, and are prepared to give our customers the tools they need to succeed.

“Just like our customers, at Exmark, we’re built for this.”

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