Built with the needs of the professional user in mind, the STIHL SGA 85 sprayer is the first battery-powered sprayer in the STIHL lineup. With a leak-resistant design featuring strong Viton seals and a durable diaphragm-style pump, pros can count on the robust construction of the SGA 85 for the long haul. This sprayer provides a high working pressure in a range from 14.5 to 87 psi, easily controlled by a variable speed adjustment on the machine. With a variety of additional nozzle accessories, there’s an option to suit the specific needs of professionals across a variety of applications. And with an ergonomic carrying system, padded straps and chest strap, users can operate comfortably throughout a full day of work.

“Designed for use with chemical solutions, professional users now have a battery-powered solution to tackle a variety of spraying applications,” said Mike Poluka, STIHL Inc. product manager. “When paired with the AP 100 battery, the SGA 85 boasts up to 8.5 hours of runtime on a single charge.”

Battery Power. Made By STIHL.

  • Advanced STIHL Lithium-Ion battery technology offers users an option to reduce their impact on the environment eliminating exhaust emissions, lowering noise and provides a powerful alternative to gasoline-powered equipment.
  • Low maintenance and operating cost eliminate hassle and cost of fuel.
  • No battery memory limitation, no gradual drop in power – high performance; runs at full speed until battery is depleted. 
  • STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries have indicator lights to indicate battery status/level of charge.
  • With one battery, users can power multiple tools within the STIHL AP System.

Additional features of the STIHL SGA 85 include: 

  • An easy-to-use tank including a large fill opening with a strainer lid for easier filling.
  • A tank filter to help protect the spray pump from debris, providing uninterrupted operation.
  • A sealed battery cover designed to protect the battery from accidental spills or debris. 
  • Battery indicator lights to show status of the battery charge level.  

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