Kohler Power Systems, a premium manufacturer and marketer of world-class generators and automatic transfer switches, has announced the launch of two new generators - a 6 kilowatt variable speed generator which takes Kohler into the renewable energy and light commercial markets, and a 38 kilowatt generator that expands the company's residential and light commercial product offering.

The new products details:

6VSG - 6kW Generator


  • The new 6VSG generator is designed specifically for efficient charging of battery banks used in renewable energy and other remote applications.
  • Provides consistent direct current (DC) output to maintain battery banks directly without inefficient conversions from alternating current.
  • Variable engine speed (2300-2900 RPM) reduces maintenance requirements, reduces fuel consumption and extends the life of the engine when compared to fixed speed engines.
  • Liquid propane or natural gas will fuel the 6VSG generator.

38RCL- 38kW Generator

  • The new 38RCL generator is a whole-house backup generator that acts as a complete power solution for large homes with hefty power needs or for light commercial business applications.
  • Despite its overall size, the 38RCL generator emits neighborhood friendly sound levels with electronically controlled fan speeds.
  • The 38RCL is backed by Kohler's 5-year or 2000-hour warranty.
  • The 38RCL fuel source is liquid propane or natural gas.

Visit the firm's website at www.kohlerengines.com.