LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The new WORX TRIVAC 3-in-1 Compact Blower/Mulcher/Vac gained a six-speed, electronic variable-speed, throttle control that adjusts the machine’s air flow from 75 to 210 mph.

The biggest advantage of electronic speed control is using different speeds when blowing the top of mulch or in corners. Homeowners are in full command when using this handy yard appliance. At 210 mph, its category 5, hurricane-like blower moves large volumes of leaves in no time at all, but it is also capable of minimizing air flow to dislodge debris from sensitive areas.

The WORX TRIVAC is one of the only blower/mulcher/vacs on the market that requires no tools or kits to convert from blower to mulcher/vac. A single lever makes the conversion quick and easy with no downtime. Once the lever is engaged, TRIVAC’s 2-stage mulching system takes over. Stage one features a high-velocity shredder blade that shreds debris before entering stage two, which pulverizes it with a metal impeller.

The 2-stage system delivers an 18-to-1 ratio of fine mulch. For TRIVAC owners, gone are the back-breaking days of manually raking leaves by hand and loading them into paper leaf refuse bags. TRIVAC speeds the process by reducing leaf piles into fine mulch, which can be transported to the curb or compost bin, or scattered as mulch beneath shrubs and trees.

Unlike conventional blower/vacs, WORX vac comes with a unique angled tube with a curved tip. This tube design is great for vacuuming leaves in hard-to-reach areas, such as beneath decks, and patio furniture, fence lines, behind central A/C systems and other limited clearance areas.

The green machine is an alternative to gas-powered vacs. There are no starting issues, oil reservoir to fill, need for fresh gas or costly tune-ups. WORX TRIVAC is lightweight (8.6 lbs.) well-balanced, smartly designed and easy to operate.

The TRIVAC is powered by a 12-amp motor with a maximum air volume of 350 cfm. The vac is equipped with a 1 bushel capacity collection bag. The TRIVAC is backed by the WORX 3-year warranty.

The WORX TRIVAC All-in-One Compact Blower/Mulcher/Vacwww.worx.com, through online retailers such as Amazon and Lowes.com, and local professional power equipment dealers. The WORX TRIVAC All-in-One Compact Blower/Mulcher/Vac (WG505, $89.99) single-stage model with metal impeller also is available at Walmart.

In support of the TRIVAC and other manufacturer’s blower/mulcher/vacs, an optional TRIVAC accessory is the WORX LeafPro™ High Capacity Universal Collection System.

WORX LeafPro solves the six-step dilemma of emptying the bushel bag every time it’s full. There’s no more taking off the strap, unzipping the bag, shaking out the bag, rezipping the bag and placing the strap back over your shoulder.

The WORX LeafPro connects to the blower/mulcher/vac through a 4 in. adapter/hose that is 8 ft. in length with a total diameter reach of 16 ft. One end of the hose fastens to the vac, while the other end feeds into a circular, elastic nylon cover. This elastic cover is designed and engineered to snugly slip over the rim of 32-96 gallon outdoor waste containers, and then cinch tied. Turn on the vac, and a massive leaf pile can be channeled through the vac and hose and then into the container for easy disposal.

The WORX LeafPro High Capacity Universal Collection System (WA4054.1, $39.99) is available at www.worx.com and other retail outlets including Walmart (WA4054).