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GIE+Expo: A Chance to Act Like a Customer & a Dealer

Dealers are often so busy being dealers they miss out on what they can gain by thinking like customers. This goes beyond viewing your dealership through your customers' eyes, but looking at equipment as if it's your first time buying things like a zero-turn mower or a chain saw. Adding that viewpoint can help you make more sales and help you decide whether it's time to add or change manufacturers.
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The Big Picture

6 Sales Questions You're Afraid to Ask

There's a famous scene in the 1992 movie "A Few Good Men" where the hardened professional soldier (Jack Nicholson) yells to the idealist lawyer (Tom Cruise): "You can't handle the truth!" Sad to say, that's often the case for salespeople, who are sometimes afraid to ask prospective customers questions that might reveal that the "opportunity" isn't going as well as they assumed.
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5 Sales Setbacks That Are Actually Good News

What seems like a disaster is actually the best news you've heard all day. It's easy to become discouraged when you're selling, especially if you don't recognize when something good just happened. Here are five very common situations that many people who sell for a living interpret as "bad news" when in fact they're actually minor victories.
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How to Make (or Lose) an Easy Sale

In today's challenging economy, selling is a difficult job, right? Well, not always. Sometimes prospects signal that they're ready to buy--right now--and if you're not listening carefully, you might easily miss the opportunity.
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