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Key steps in the diversity journey
Part 3: Diversity & Inclusion

3 Ways Your Dealership Can Benefit from Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion can bring a new segment of customers that may be unaware of you to your dealership, but it takes commitment from the entire organization to make it happen — starting at the top.
In the last two articles, we shared the business case for diversity and outlined three reasons why it matters. We talked about the changing growth dynamics in rural areas. Including the numerous financial and growth business benefits for your dealerships, and the driving force and the undeniable influence of the next generation of Millennial and Gen Z customers.
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Change in Rural Population of Color 2010-2020
Part 2: Diversity & Inclusion

3 Reasons Why Diversity & Inclusion Should Matter to Your Dealership

Rural diversity is increasing and diversity and inclusion help target critical growth segments like millennials and Gen Z.
No matter where your dealership is located, in an urban area, whether it's on the outskirts of town where the city ends and the country begins, or in rural markets, these areas are becoming more and more increasingly diverse.
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Diversity & Inclusion are different
Part 1: Diversity & Inclusion

Why Diversity & Inclusion Matter to Your Dealership

Part 1 of this 3-part series, dispels 5 common myths surrounding diversity and inclusion.
More and more companies have become hyper-aware that being diverse and inclusive isn’t just a fleeting trend or an initiative to aspire to someday. It is a core competency that demands real attention, as there are tremendous benefits derived from businesses and organizations that embrace diversity and inclusion.
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