DR Power Equipment, a Generac Power Systems company has announced the launch of the PILOT XT and PILOT XTSP (PILOT XT series) Leaf and Lawn Vac, a unique leaf collection system. The PILOT XT series fills leaf bags so that they are ready for curbside pickup or transport to a compost pile.

The push- and self-propelled powered leaf collectors feature the all new EZ Bagger Leaf Collection System, which is designed for use with standard disposable leaf bags holding 3 cubic feet or up to 50 pounds of leaves. The EZ Bagger Leaf Collection System consists of a fold-down platform for placement of an empty leaf bag, a support ring to hold the top of the bag open and the EZ Bagger hatch, which holds the bag securely in place and creates a seal for the vacuum. Additionally, the PILOT XT models come with a caddy that holds 10 additional empty leaf bags, and consumers have the option of purchasing a second caddy to carry up to 20 bags at a time.

The PILOT XT series joins a large portfolio of DR Power leaf collection equipment, including seven lawnmower-connected tow-behind units and three walk-behind models, two self-propelled models and one push model. The PILOT XT and PILOT XTSP models are the first in the DR Power family to provide onboard leaf bagging using disposable leaf bags.

“The beauty of the bagging system is that the user spends a lot less time going back and forth between the lawn and the dumping spot,” said Jeff Shafer, vice president of merchandising at DR Power. “With the EZ Bagger System, operators can just remove a full bag, put on an empty one and keep going. Then, the operator can come back to gather all the bags when the leaf collection is done.”

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