New Holland announced March 13 both its entry into the mini track loader market with the C314 and the launch of its all-electric E15X mini excavator.

The E15X, new to North America for 2023, runs on a 29-horsepower cobalt-free lithium-ion battery that powers a 21.5-horsepower motor, making it as powerful as the E14D diesel equivalent. On a fully charged battery, this excavator can operate for up to 8 hours. It can be recharged in 10 hours with a standard 110-volt outlet or within an hour with its fast charge features. The charging flexibility allows operators to fast-charge the excavator over a lunch break or slow-charge overnight.

The C314 Mini Track Loader will be launching in 2024 for North America. It is compatible with New Holland Construction’s suite of 29 attachments due to its auxiliary flow rate of 15 gallons per minute. Thanks to its approximately 1,000-pounds rated operating capacity (at 35% of tipping load) and 35 inches of working space, operators are able to power through mild structural projects, like laying footings for a small building, fence line work and irrigation or drainage tasks. It also offers optimal dump height for easy loading. 

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