Mahindra 8560 Model Rolls Out With mCRD Technology in October

HOUSTON, Tex., August 30, 2012 - Mahindra USA, the number one selling tractor brand in the world based on volume, introduces its interim-Tier IV, for above 75 HP, emission compliant mCRD engine. It will be available beginning November 2012, initially on its 8560 2WD, 8560 4WD and 8560 4WD shuttle cab tractor. The Mahindra Common Rail Diesel (mCRD) engine is an innovative, eco-friendly and fuel efficient high performance engine that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 360 tons per year.

The 8560 tractors, with an 83 HP mCRD engine, are heavy duty, full-size utility tractors that offer fuel efficient high performance with cleaner exhaust emissions and reduced visible engine smoke. Mahindra's interim-Tier IV compliant mCRD features include:

  • high pressure fuel injection engine greatly reducing visible engine smoke,
  • multiple injection points for fuel efficiency with greener emissions including a reduction in NOx and Particulate Matter (PM),
  • diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) after treatment system that does not require regeneration, and
  • high-efficiency positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) technology to capture and clean gases from the combustion chamber before releasing them into the environment.

"Our multi-million dollar investment in this unique mCRD technology is another example of Mahindra's unwavering commitment to growing its presence in the North American farm equipment industry," said Cleo Franklin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA. "This interim-Tier IV compliant engine has been in testing for years at Mahindra's EPA-certified facility and is ready to go to market with the Mahindra performance, reliability and expectations our customers expect at a very competitive price."

The diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), unique to the Mahindra mCRD engine, provides a lower cost, low maintenance solution to meet the Tier IV emission standards. Due to its reduced system complexity, the DOC eliminates the diesel particulate filter resulting in no back pressure monitor and filter cleaning for greater protection.

Mahindra's Tier IV compliance product roll out will continue with a full line of mCRD tractors available in 2013.  For complete details about the mCRD technology and the 8560 mCRD model go to