Ariens has introduced the Hydro Brush 36, the newest addition to the Power Brush line. The Hydro Brush is an all-season machine capable of moving snow, sand, dirt and gravel.

The new Hydro Brush 36 features a hydrostatic transmission engineered in partnership with Hydro-Gear. Designed with a thermal management system to prevent overheating, the Hydro-Gear RT-210 transmission allows for infinite speed control, smooth operation and minimal maintenance. Speed can be adjusted while the power brush is still moving, eliminating jumping or lurching with speed changes. The Hydro drive system’s synthetic oil will not break down like conventional oils and does not require adjustments, meaning it’s maintenance free.

The multi-functional Hydro Brush easily removes up to 6-inches of snow and other debris from sidewalks, driveways and decorative surfaces like patio brick or cobblestone. It can also be used to dethatch or remove gravel from lawns.  Automatic traction control optimizes maneuverability, and the 40-degree brush head rotation with an operator-controlled pivot lock simplifies changing the head direction. A height adjustment system accommodates various surfaces and improves brush wear.

Additional Hydro Brush features include:

  • 287cc Subaru Engine with 12-volt electric start
  • 36-inch clearing width
  • Automatic traction control
  • Handwarmers for comfort in cold conditions
  • Steel dash construction for long-lasting durability
  • Optional attachments including a snow cab, debris deflector, tire chains and wire bristles

They Hydro Brush 36 is covered by Ariens' three-year consumer and one-year commercial warranty.