Custom Products of Litchfield now offers a brand new aftermarket Cozy Cab option for the John Deere X700 Signature Series. The Cozy Cab is designed for efficient dealer installation, and provides a comfortable cab solution for end-users of John Deere X700 equipment.

The list of features engineered into the new Cozy Cab model includes an ISO 21299 certified ROPS safety rating, vibration isolating mounts, all-steel welded construction, tinted tempered glass throughout for 360-degree visibility, and a deluxe sound absorbing roof liner complete with a fuse panel and switch panel to control lights, wipers and other cab options.

“This robust new aftermarket cab will serve to enhance the John Deere X700 Signature Series operator’s experience,” explains Randy Reinke, President of Custom Products of Litchfield. “This cab was without a doubt designed with the operator’s safety, comfort and productivity in mind.”

Operator comfort is also a main driver behind the new Cozy Cab model. The cab aims to give equipment dealers a sales advantage by offering operators an ergonomic and user-friendly cab option for their John Deere X700 Signature Series products. The unit boasts a quick and easy installation preserving the simplicity of rear mounted attachments using the John Deere Click N Go brackets and works with the available 3 point hitches.

In addition the cab is available with a variety of standard features and options including powerful LED work and dome lights, high output heater, defrost / circulation fan, panoramic mirrors, and roof beacon. Improvements include improved styling, enhanced visibility, increased head clearance, and innovative fuel access cover. The cab is compatible with all Deere attachments.